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Christina Applegate and her sexy stories

disclaimer: This is a fantasy story solely for adult reading..
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Headlight beams pierced the blackness of the deserted California country road. Chuck drove
slowly, guiding the black Chevy Blazer deep into the forest as Tommy peered into
the wall of trees that lined the path.

“This looks good,” said Tommy at last, pointing to a small clearing.

Chuck nodded and turned off the road. He stopped just inside the clearing,
leaving the engine running and the lights on. Both men climbed out quickly and
headed to the back of the vehicle. With the tailgate lowered, they paused for a
moment. The heavy canvas sack inside was shaking vigorously, accompanied by soft
muffled grunts. The men watched the writhing sack, as if hypnotized. Both pairs of
eyes narrowed, as if they could see through the thick fabric to what lay inside.

Chuck reached in first and grabbed one end of the sack. Tommy took the other end.
Together, they pulled it out of the vehicle and carried it to the middle of the
clearing. The muffled grunts grew louder as they let the sack drop to the ground.
They hurried back to the van, returning with coils of rope and rolls of duct tape.

Chuck stooped down to unzip the sack while Tommy cast a length of rope over one of
the massive tree branches overhead. By the time he looked down again, the
contents of the sack lay exposed on the forest floor.

It was Christina Applegate ! The sexy slut from Married with children.
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