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Christina Applegate Nude Story: "Kinky Roommates"

Fic Title:Kinky Roommates
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Sarah Michelle Geller/Freddie Prinze Junior/Keri Russell/Christina Applegate/Teri Weigel/Milla Jovovich
Summary:Sarah Michelle Gelelr and her husband,Freddie Prinze Junior were on thier way to a secluded log cabin for a private wedding anniversary celebration,only to have a stalled car filled with four hot-looking babes change their plans.
Warnings:Strong language,voyurism,female solo sex,male/female sex,female/female sex

It was on the very first day of September that a loving Hollywood couple named Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Junior had decided to drive themselves over to a secluded log cabin in order to celebrate their three-year wedding anniversary.

But then,as soon as they had left the house and started heading towards the cabin,the couple has no choice,but to stop and help out another car that has suddenly stalled on the highway.

And after they had gotten out of their car and walked over to the second vehicle to ask the driver what was wrong,Sarah’s eyes had became wide and a smile had suddenly appeared on her lips,for inside the second car were her four good friends,Keri Russell,Christina Applegate,Teri Weigel and Milla Jovovich.

“Oh,wow!I’ve never thought that I would be able to see you guys again!”,said a smiling Sarah,after she had walked up and gave a big,friendly hug to Keri,who was sitting in the driver’s seat.”What are you guys doing al Continue reading

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Christina Applegate Nude Story: "Christina Applegate in “Pandora’s Mirror”"

Fic Title:Pandora’s Mirror
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Christina Applegate/Val Kilmer/Kim Basinger/m/f/f
Summary:Christina Applegate,Val Kilmer and Kim Basinger go into an antique shop to buy Christina a belated birthday gift and notice a large mirror that the owner claims to be possessed.
Warnings:Voyurism,male/female sex,female/female sex,strong language

It had all began on November 26th,which happens to be one day after the birthday of a hot Hollywood babe named Christina Applegate and even though she was thrilled to be shooting a movie entitled ‘Pandora’s Box’ on location at Athens,Georgia with Kim Basinger–the Georgia born actress–and Val Kilmer–the Los Angeles,California native who has starred with Kim in a movie entitled THE REAL McCOYS,she was also feeling low,because she had missed out on having a birthday party like everyone else.

And so,after they had noticed just how unhappy poor Christina was,both Val and Kim had decided to take her to a little antique shop that they had recently discovered and buy something nice to make her feel better.

Anyway,after they had arrived at the antique shop and started looking around it,the three friends had looked over at one section of the store and noticed a wonderfully-looking mirror standing right in that section.

And after they had walked over to the store’s beautiful raven-haired owner and Kim has given her a gentle tap on the shoulder,Kim has cleared her throat and said,”I’m sorry to interrupt yo Continue reading

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Applegate Nude Pics Fake

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Nude Christina Applegate looks so sweet while taking this lucky guy’s cock from behind!

Fuck Christina Applegate

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Hentai Applegate

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Nude Christina Applegate in “The Last Temptation Of Alyssa”

Fic Title:The Last Temptation Of Alyssa
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Alyssa Milano/Christina Applegate/Johnathan Schaech
Disclaimers:Married…With Children belongs to Columbia Pictures
Television,ELP Communications and Embassy Television.Charmed belongs
to Spelling Television,NorthShore Productions Inc.,Paramount
Pictures and Viacom Productions Inc.!This story is
not-for-profit,but I own it.
Summary:After having finished shooting a few scenes for their
movie,Alyssa Milano invites her co-star,Christina Applegate and her
husband to her hotel room for a nightcap.
Warnings:Strong language,male/female sex,female/female sex
It was on the 28th day of March within the City of New York that
Christina Applegate(who had once played Kelly Bundy on the FOX-TV
series,MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN)and Alyssa Milano(who is still
playing Phoebe Halliwell on the WB-TV series,CHARMED)were shooting a
few scenes for a new movie that they were starring in together,while
Christina’s husband,Johnathan Schaech had kept on watching from the

Just then,after they had finally finished shooting those scenes,a
relieved Christina had ran over to her beloved husband and gave him
a big hug,just before Alyssa had walked over to them and
said,”Hey,you two lovebirds.After you’re done hugging the stuffing
out of each other,why don’t the both of you join me at my hotel room
for a little nightcap?”

And then,after she had looked at her husband and he had nodded his
head in front of her,Christina had turned her head towards
Alyssa,let out a big smile and said ‘yes’ to her i Continue reading

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Christine Shows Her Cock Hentai

Sex-starved Christina Applegate easy lay dreams for this awesome black tool shoved deep into her asshole, and then polish it with her mouth till it dumps cream giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on! Characters do it again with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that cannot have enough of raw sex then for their scorching hot and indecent dreams . Those Christina Applegate sex whores are anxious for some pussy plumbing action – they gets screwed in all possible places receive big pokers in!

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Sometimes Christina Applegate likes to be nude… in public places!

Christina Applegate Nude Pussey

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Nude Christina Applegate has found a banana and she is not gonna eat it…

Naked Christina Applegate Pussy

This post deals with only hottest personages of Christina Applegate drawn stuff and involve them in all sorts of bizarre scenes. This piece of mad comics bunch punch will give one more chance to and to drool over and all those hot and juicy infatuation weirdoes fucking their brains off!… Kissing and touching is how every Christina Applegate hentai action starts, but but yyou can never tell where it’s gonna take them…

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Christina Applegatesex Fakes

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